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Any website, Multiple platforms*
We can help updating, maintaining and managing your website or online shop. Fast, reliable and Australian based, you won’t be left waiting for changes to happen.

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First 2 hours free*. Sign up to any of our packages and we’ll add another 2 hours, completely free.

Yes, we gift you 2 hours completely free!

How does it work?

You pre-purchase a number of hours. We have really flexible packages, depending on your needs at any given time you can decide on the required hours. You can use these hours for any of the following:

Add/Edit Content

Just provide us with the new text and we’ll update it in the relevant sections. Text changes, uploading blogs, staff changes and any other content. We can even write content, just ask.

Update Provided Imagery

Provide us with new images and we’ll ensure all is resized properly to ensure optimum site speed without compromising the quality. Need some Photographs. Just let us know and we can source some appropriate photographs for you. We charge these per photograph.

Manage Your Products

Running an online shop but need someone to maintain, add or delete products, images etc. We are only a ‘support ticket away”.

Implement Promotions

We can help with landing pages etc for specific promotions, linking them to all the right places.

Design & Layout Changes

Need some changes to your styles, we can amend the stylesheet to reflect any amends to your corporate colours or changes in logos and fonts.

Software / Plugin Updates

Software, CMS and plugins require frequent updates. If not done properly or done at all other parts of your ite may cease functioning. Leave it to as, we run a separate testing environment of your live site where we make all the changes and updates.

We understand cash flow control

Select the package that suit your requirements


zimpulest maintenance


$112 per hour
Discount 14%


zimpuler maintenance


$103 per hour
Discount 21%


zimpul maintenance


$94 per hour
Discount 28%

What else is there to know?


No, there are no lock in contracts. You pays as you require. As long as you have hours in your account, we can act swiftly. Once they run out, simply purchase more if / when you require more.

All platforms?

All popular ones yes. WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, and many more. Just ask. But, we’ll be honest, we will review your setup first. It is part of the two free hours we provide.

Access All Areas?

Generally yes but sometimes access is restricted by your developers / designers. It all depends on how much access we are provided with.

Turnaround Times?

Standard turnaround time is three working days but if you need it quicker, we apply a surcharge, just check our surcharge table. You don’t pay more, we just use your hours at an increased rate.


Only if we determine your site is not suited for our services. Remember, the first two hours are free so if that occurs, we’ll refund the package level you had purchased. Otherwise, no sorry, you are purchasing hours at a discounted rate, remember however, they do not expire.

Guarantees / Warranties

Yes, we guarantee to supply you with the best service possible. More importantly, all the work is done in Australia, not by some unknown in an offshore office.

Getting Started?

The system will open your account and you schedule a review call. At that point we will obtain from you the website access details. Generally, we ask for you or your admin to set us up as admins with our own logins.

New Website?

Well yes, that is our bread & butter. Not all sites are great and they need frequent updating. We have solutions for all and we’ll be glad to speak to you about this when the need arises.

Hosting & Email?

Yes we can organise. Just ask us.


Do you offer other services?

What did you think? Of course! We do our best to keep life as zimpul as possible. Branding, Graphic Design, Posters, Advertising Collateral – you name it!

We do it all. Just give us a call or drop us a line at to see how we can help.

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