Have more,
Do less, Feel good.

We get it — you’re busy. On your to-do list, ‘give back to the community’ probably sits somewhere near ‘clean out office fridge’. Aka, at the bottom of the priority list. That’s why we make it super easy, by automatically donating a % of your Zimpul monthly fee to a worthy cause. You’re welcome.

Have More

You work hard. You deserve to have more. More confidence, more motivation, more energy. More money in your bank and more holidays on your calendar.
Enter: Zimpul. Ask anyone (our staff, our clients, our mums) and they’ll tell you our system is a clever one. We give you unlimited access to expert graphic designers and website developers for an affordable monthly fee, which saves you money, saves you time and saves you from throwing your laptop out of a fourth storey window.

Do Less

If Zimpul had an office motto, it’d be ‘Work smarter, not harder’. We’d turn it into a big, obnoxious neon sign and hang it on the wall. Then we’d go out for a long lunch.
You see, trying to do everything yourself doesn’t guarantee success. But it does guarantee burnout. So, we believe in doing less. Spending your valuable time on the things that build your business, and delegating the things that are holding it back. We don’t want to say it’s a shortcut to success but… we said it anyway. Just go with it.

Feel Good

You know that nice, buzzy feeling you get when you’re organised? If we could bottle that feeling, we’d be millionaires. Luckily, we’ve got something that comes pretty close.
While we’re bringing graphic design and website development to the party, we’ve got a surprise gift in our bag. When you team up with Zimpul, you’ll get a bonus feeling of victory, that only comes from being on top of life. Plus, you can rest easy (and act smug) knowing a % of your monthly fee is going towards a very worthy cause. #Blessed.

How it Works

Like everything else, it’s zimpul really.

Are you someone that likes to do good?

You’ve got the easy job. Simply subscribe to Zimpul and we’ll make sure a % of your monthly fee is donated to a worthy cause of your choice. Easy as that.

Are you a cause that needs donations?

Zimpul loves giving back and we know our clients do, too. Partner with us as a worthy cause — you’ll get free promotion and a slice of monthly donations.

Are you a cause that wants to refer & earn?

Level up by becoming a cause and a referral partner. Our clients can send donations your way, and you can earn commission from referred business.

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