For when your
brain has too
many tabs open.

Zimpul was designed for business owners, and almost-business owners, that are too busy to even spell ‘you’. U know the ones. Or maybe, U R 1.

In business, there’s a lot to do, and there’s a lot less time. There’s meetings to be had, ideas to brainstorm, places to travel, blogs to write, coffee to drink, emails to return, Instagram posts to upload, and cereal to eat. From the box. On your way to the office.

Zimpul is here to simplify your life and improve your business — without the need to glance up from your phone — with high quality, fully maintainable custom websites, and unlimited graphic design services, paid upfront or via a simple monthly fee.
Time-poor? We turnaround work quickly, and throw in a 30-day money back guarantee*. Short on cash? We swap the offensive upfront payment for an affordable build fee and even more affordable monthly fee.

Can’t really be bothered learning to do it all yourself and can’t see that changing anytime soon? We can maintain and manage your website and design, so you can spend your energy on the business. Or the couch.

Zimpul also cares about giving back — and we know you do, too. But seeing as your hands are full right now, we’ll give you one of ours. We weren’t joking when we said we’ll take care of everything. That’s why, a % of your monthly subscription fee goes towards a worthy cause, big or small..

How our Websites work

Set up

Pay an affordable set-up fee and choose your subscription package.

Design it

There are 3 design phases and you get to approve every single 1.

Develop it

We start building your website. Still no surprise costs.

Update it

Your monthly subscription covers updates and uploads.

Level up

Stick with us for 24 months and get a full site refresh for FREE. (Conditions Apply)


Rather reconcile your receipts than learn how to code? We’ve got four packages, made especially for you.


Keeping you running. Just let us do it. Three easy options.

How our Graphic Design Products work

Team up

You’ll be assigned your very own Account Manager. So impressive.

Submit tasks

Your package decides how many tasks we work on simultaneously.

Make changes

If needed, you can make unlimited revisions until it’s P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

Download it

While your files download, think about all the time you just saved.

Graphic Design

You have had enough sceen time. Spend your time on Netflix, not photoshop tutorials. And you guessed it, easy packages to choose from.

Logo Design

Cooks Cook, chefs ….. you get it. You could try and design your own logo….or not. Just pick one of three packages and you are on your way.

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