Lift your game,

not a finger.

High quality wordpress websites. Unlimited graphic design services. Zimpul is in the business of saving you time, money and effort. And do some good at the same time. Pretty Zimpul.

We'll take
it from here.

Very Busy Business Person? You probably have more pressing things to do than teach yourself how to build a website. Or make a flyer. Or fix a typo. Leave it with us and we’ll help you keep up, feel good and have more, by doing much less.

Pay off

Pay us a monthly fee — not your life savings.

Have more

Time, enquiries, money, energy, business, fans.

Do less

Avoid more work by getting the Zimpul team to do it.

Keep up

You don’t know the latest design trends. But we do.

Quit it

Something came up? Lucky you can cancel anytime.*

Earn some

Get a unique code. Refer us. Make some pocket $$$.

Feel good

Know that we donate a % of your fee to a good cause.

Scale up

Zimpul will come with you as you grow up. And up.

You could try and DIY…

Or not. Really, why would you?


Built faster than you can say URL.

All our sites are custom designed, then built. Websites are focussed on conversion and are ready for your SEO, SEM, PPC inbound type activities.

We build all types of sites – Small Business Sites, Advisory Sites, Online Stores, Membership Sites, Blogs, Hospitality websites.


Keeping you running.

Websites require regular technical maintenance. Sign up for one of our packages and relax knowing these technical tasks are taken care of.

Typical tasks may include core updates, backups, secure hosting, optimisation, security scanning, SEO rank tracking and link monitoring.

Graphic Design

You’ve had enough screen time.

Outsource your graphic design work. Do away with costly revisions, hourly rates or managing your own graphic design staff. 

Just pick a package to gain access to your dedicated designer. Create unlimited projects and cancel anytime.

Logo Design

Cooks cook…Chefs….you get it!

Look the part with a uniquely designed logo. Three easy packages to choose from because we like it simple at zimpul.

Choose to include some stationary items to get you started and a style guide, just to make sure your new logo is applied properly. 

Feel good
by doing not much.

Kind of like how you feel good for putting your gym clothes at the end of the bed, ready for tomorrow’s workout. Knowing full well you’ll definitely be sleeping in again.

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